Traditional Russian hunting

We are proud to offer you the best choice of the most beautiful places for hunting in Russia. Rich variety of breathtaking natural landscapes will give you an opportunity to dive into traditional Russian hunting. Numerous locations with majestic wide rivers lying on flourishing meadows along with deep lakes with crystal water in the heart of impassable forests and centuries-old mountains are habitat for incredibly diverse wildlife. Altogether this creates the pristine beauty of Russia and becomes scene for your personal adventure.

We also offer you to hunt in the most popular place in the world — Africa. It’s savannas, oases, desert landscapes and bright horizons can touch the soul of any passionate hunter.

We invite you to take part in unique tours at the end of which you will certainly get a trophy and a lot of bright and peerless emotions. Excitement, drive and spirit of competition ensure that this will be the holiday you dreamed of. We guarantee you a large selection of trophies and a high level of hunting anywhere!

Hunt in Turkey 2015 – 2019

Hunt in Turkey 2015 – 2019

Turkey is a country of ancient hunting traditions brought to perfection by local huntsmen. Hunters of any level, from novice Amateurs to demanding professionals, are waiting for a variety of landscapes and huge hunting grounds almost 365 days a year.

Collect unique trophies: red deer and chamois, elegant roe deer and fantastic bezoar ibex. Don’t forget the huge wild boars, whose weight reaches 450 kg, and fangs up to 27 cm!

The tour includes comfortable accommodation in mountain hotels, a variety of national and European cuisines and combining hunting with other types of recreation.

Hunting and fishing base in Mongolia

Go to Mongolia for the most beautiful steppe and mountain landscapes, exciting hunting and fishing rich in catch. There are plenty of trophies here, and almost no people! Outside of the capital, there are only rare small towns and settlements, and yurts that are far from each other.

Fishing in the land of Genghis Khan will bring king fish taimen, pike, grayling, carp, carp, Osman and Asian trout, and hunting-mountain goats, argali, wolf and Gazelle. The horns of local ibex are a real miracle of nature!

No less interesting is the original Mongolian culture, ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries, pagan rites and national holidays. In autumn, visit the Golden eagle hunting festival, in spring, enjoy rich meat cuisine and bouzas, and in summer, drink fresh koumiss and green tea with milk.

Fishing base in Bosnia

Paradise for a true lover of outdoor activities – just 2 hours away from Moscow! The Balkans are a protected area of untouched wildlife, clean lakes, sea, mountains and rich cultural heritage. A place where guests are welcomed as old friends, fed delicious traditional food and heartily watered with tart homemade wine. Come alone and live away from the noisy tourist crowds in a cozy house on the banks of the river, or gather the whole family in a comfortable hotel, so that in one tour you can see and taste everything that Bosnia is rich in!
Fishing enthusiasts must go. The diversity of the river and lake fauna of the Balkans is appreciated by anglers all over the world: lenok, grayling, pike and ask for your hands. But the most fun is to catch a unique Danube taimen (aka Danube salmon) on the una river! A nice bonus for fishing will be the magnificent scenery, simple fishing conditions, a long season and the opportunity to combine a trip with a hunting tour. Trophies are provided almost all year round!

Hunt in Croatia

Croatia attracts more and more tourists every year, but continues to be one of the best places on the planet for eco-tourism. Judge for yourself: one trip is the maximum experience. Here is a warm clear sea, amazing relict lakes, ancient grottoes, cultural monuments at the junction of Slavic and European peoples, dense forests, stormy mountain rivers… The locals are welcoming and neighborly, easily overcoming the language barrier. They will feed both a seasoned gourmet and a lover of camping food! What is important, to the corner of Paradise at hand – a two-hour flight, and you are in the Balkans.

The main thing is the opportunity to arrange a hunting tour in almost any month of the year. All the variety of wild birds, mountain goats, ROE deer, deer, wild boar and chamois at your service. Hunting is carried out both from the tower and from the approach, but it is even more interesting to try out the local tradition and get several dozen trophies at once! For example, 30 wild boars or 10 roe deer per company. And then relax on a fishing trip, swim in the sea and buy a souvenir of page cheese, truffles, mountain honey, prosciutto and Paprenyak cookies.

Hunt wolf 01/2019 Tver region

The hunt was in the Firovsky district of the Tver region, there were 2 wolves.
One wolf was harvested, the wolf later left through the flags.

Fishing in Cabo Verde

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