Hunting and fishing base in Mongolia

Go to Mongolia for the most beautiful steppe and mountain landscapes, exciting hunting and fishing rich in catch. There are plenty of trophies here, and almost no people! Outside of the capital, there are only rare small towns and settlements, and yurts that are far from each other.

Fishing in the land of Genghis Khan will bring king fish taimen, pike, grayling, carp, carp, Osman and Asian trout, and hunting-mountain goats, argali, wolf and Gazelle. The horns of local ibex are a real miracle of nature!

No less interesting is the original Mongolian culture, ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries, pagan rites and national holidays. In autumn, visit the Golden eagle hunting festival, in spring, enjoy rich meat cuisine and bouzas, and in summer, drink fresh koumiss and green tea with milk.